Suggested tours for Lapland

Here at Authentic Lapland we aim to offer our guests a variety of trip types and travel themes, allowing everyone to find their own perfect adventure. Semi-private tours remain our specialty, helping passengers to discover the best scenic locations around Lapland. Our tours are always accompanied by knowledgeable, passionate, English speaking private guides and include exclusive and authentic experiences along the way.

Lappish Fairytale

Levi, 90 minutes from the Arctic Circle, is the ideal place for many Lapland activities, from husky sledding and ice

Winter Wonderland

Expect uninterrupted snowscapes and Northern Lights sightings, stroll through the Santa´s Hometown city of Rovaniemi and pay a visit to

Arctic Sámi Village

Arctic Sámi Village is a natural and genuine choice for a traveler, who is looking for untamed nature and an

Christmas Experience

Specially designed for families that wish to experience something truly different, our Christmas Experience in Rovaniemi will introduce you to

Essence of Lapland

As unique and beautifully formed as a snowflake, this Lapland Adventure will take on a captivating journey filled with magic

Exclusive Lapland Experience

This exclusive Lapland experience allows you to relax in total comfort surrounded by the pure nature of the Arctic Circle.

Kilpisjärvi Odyssey

The landscape in Enontekiö is distinguished by its spectacular open and clear spaces, which you can only experience in the